Ann Coulter's Treason tries to revise McCarthy history. We will show the truth
SENATOR JOSEPH McCARTHY After World War II McCarthy ran against Robert La Follette to become Republican candidate for the senate. Campaign posters pictured him in "full fighting gear, with an aviator's cap, and belt upon belt of machine gun ammunition wrapped around his bulky torso." He claimed he had completed thirty-two missions when in fact he had a desk job and only flew in training exercises. Sound familiar?
McCarthy attacked La Follette who was forty-six when Pearl Harbor had been bombed, and was too old to join the armed services for not enlisting. On his first day in the Senate, he proposed a solution to a coal-strike that was taking place. McCarthy called for John L. Lewis and the striking miners to be drafted into the Army. If the men still refused to mine the coal, McCarthy suggested they should be court-martialed for insubordination and shot.
McCarthy's first years in the Senate were unimpressive. People also started coming forward claiming that he had lied about his war record. he was being investigated for tax offences and for taking bribes from the Pepsi-Cola Company. In May, 1950, afraid that he would be defeated in the next election. Edmund Walsh, a Roman Catholics priest, came up with the idea that he should begin a campaign against communist subversives working in the Democratic administration.
McCarthy an alcoholic and Roy Cohen savaged witnesses and misused the investigative power of the Senate until censured by the Senate in 1955. He died of alcoholism shortly thereafter. Thanks to Rush Limbaughtomy

Ann Coulter & Peter Fenn, Crossfire, CNN, November 23, 2001
FENN: Let me ask you one very simple question. You have written, and I quote, “We should
invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.”

COULTER: Yeah, that was a good one.
FENN: Now, I just have one very simple question. Who is “they”?
COULTER: The sentence before that sentence says who they are. And that is the terrorists, the people
cheering and dancing in the street.
FIEGER: Convert them to Christianity?
COULTER: The ones we happen to be killing right now. Thank God for the Green Berets.
FIEGER: What’s the difference between you and bin Laden

Even fanatical Muslim terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do.”
“When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed too. Otherwise they will turn into outright traitors.”

“This is no time to be precious about locating the exact individuals directly involved in this particular terrorist attack. … We don’t need long investigations of the forensic evidence to determine with scientific accuracy the person or persons who ordered this specific attack. … We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.” “We oughta be discussing whether they should be tortured.”
“That’s the whole point here, to kill them. And we will kill them. … Our objective is to kill him and we kill him. … So we need to kill them and we are killing them. … kill all these other fanatics who are running over there. … These are precisely the people we want to kill.”
Ann Coulter’s Treason against Paula Jones

Ann Coulter styles herself as the consummate champion of the weak and voiceless, citing her clandestine aid to Paula Jones as evidence. As it turns out, Coulter’s service was self-serving, not selfless, and the beneficiary of her help became impoverished, not enriched.
Secret Advisor to Paula Jones
Jones claimed her reputation had been damaged and she sought an out-of-court settlement to escape the limelight. (Jones: “I wanted this case settled. I always wanted this case settled.”) At a critical juncture, Ann Coulter entered the fray, providing clandestine behind-the-scenes legal services for Jones. The secrecy, apparently, was for Coulter’s sake because she reportedly feared the disapproval of her law firm, the Center for Individual Rights.
Sabotaged Negotiations
As it turned out, Coulter’s goal was not to represent her client but to “get the president.” Consequently, after Coulter gained possession of attorney-client-privileged information – namely, the specific nature of Clinton’s “distinguishing characteristics” which Jones claimed to be able to identify – Coulter vigorously leaked those details (By the way, the leaked rumor proved false.) to the press for the express purpose of sabotaging Jones’ delicate settlement negotiations. (Coulter:“We were terrified that Jones would settle. It was contrary to our purpose of bringing down the president.”)
Media Hell
As a result of the sabotaged negotiations, Jones reluctantly went to court, the Lewinsky scandal erupted, and Jones’ life was radically altered. Rather than receiving the settlement she so desperately desired, Jones entered media hell and gained a fractured family. Coulter, however, benefited, later boasting that she got a bestseller out of it.”
Taking Credit
After impeachment, Coulter then took credit for vindicating Jones’ reputation (Coulter: “The reason we were doing it for Paula – well, was for Paula. She had been defamed and I think we can say we got her reputation back.”). Jones still endured media hell. Nevertheless, Coulter had the gall to say, “I think Linda Tripp is a hero, too, and Paula Jones, to face those sorts of attacks I wouldn’t have wanted to.” The reason Jones had “to face those attacks of attacks” that Coulter wouldn’t have wanted to face was, in part, due to Coulter’s betrayal of Jones.
Trailer Park Trash
“Had she settled the case in September 97,” observes author Joe Conason, Jones “would have had three times as much money, we never would have heard of Monica Lewinsky, and it probably would have been much better for her and her family.” As it was, due to marital breakup, legal fees, back taxes, and a defense fund fiasco, Jones thought the only way out of her family meltdown and financial chaos was to pose for Penthouse. Ironically, after abandoning Jones – without ever offering her any post-impeachment aid – Coulter denounced her as “trailer park trash,” doing precisely what she had previously condemned Clinton supporters for doing. ‘‘I totally believed she was the good Christian girl she made herself out to be,’’ Coulter says. ‘‘I was doing this for her, not just to expose Clinton ... (but) now it turns out she’s a fraud – at least to the extent of pretending to be an honorable and moral person.’’ Naturally, Paula Jones views things a little differently:
I haven’t been out doing anything and trying to make a lot of money. I haven’t been offered a book deal like everybody else in this huge thing has done. Ann Coulter’s done books. I haven’t seen her call me up and say: ‘Paula, would you like for me to help you write a book, a really nice, decent?’ I haven’t had any help from anybody whatsoever.”
Posted on Sun, Sep. 01, 2002

Editor's File | A letter to Coulter

Dear Ann Coulter:
You're fired.

It's not that extreme viewpoints are unwelcome on the opinion pages of the Centre Daily Times. All political viewpoints, from Cal Thomas on the right to Molly Ivins on the left, are welcome here.

But, we don't welcome haters, Ann, and that's what you are.

Well, you are either a hater or a hypocrite who calls names and spews enmity because you believe it will get your pretty face on television more or sell more copies of your best-selling books.

In either case, we won't be publishing your Friday column anymore. We decided not to publish a piece of yours a few weeks back because it was nothing more than a sexual history of some of your enemies -- i.e., private citizens who dared to give money to the Democrats.

I wrote a column about why we held the piece and told readers then that if you continued to cross the line, we'd can you.

Your Friday column, in which you declared that liberals are "no good," then trashed the entire Kennedy clan as a collection of "heroin addicts, convicted killers, cheaters, bottleggers and dissolute drunks," crossed that line. I'm not going to defend the Kennedy family or liberals; either group can argue with you if they'd like.

But, Ann, you're mean -- vicious, really -- which is why we do not believe that you in any way serve the public good.

On a late summer morning almost a year ago, all of us -- Republicans, Democrats and everyone else -- witnessed what hate is capable of.

Since that day, Americans have tried to remember that they are on the same side, regardless of differences in skin color, nation of origin, religion or political viewpoint. It has not always been easy because, more than ever, those who are different can seem more threatening. But we're trying because what we have in America is worth keeping.

And, Ann, you're not helping. You do nothing to elevate our spirits, to celebrate the great bond that holds us this unruly people together and makes us a nation.

Hate is easy; love is hard.

Our great nation gives you the freedom to hate all you want and even to make a buck off it if you can. But, even better, it gives us the right not to have to listen.

So, Ann, you're fired. I expect some of our readers are going to be mad at us over this, but we hope they'll understand that while we joyfully publish a wide spectrum of political and social viewpoints, we condemn hate where we find it.

You won't miss us much, Ann. Heck, you're rolling in money. And your fans can find your column on the Internet anyway.

We'll start looking for someone to replace you. It won't be easy because you sure are flashy and a lot of folks like flashy. But political conservatism has produced other columnists of merit whose ideas will provide subjects fit for public consumption and debate -- writers who do not believe those who disagree with them are traitors, or worse.


Bob Unger, executive editor

Ann Coulter's Treason
Scoobie on Ann Coulter's Treason

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It borrows from Ann Coulter's final words in SLANDER
“Except for occasional forays to the Wal-Mart,” she says, “liberals do not know any conservatives.” But conservatives “already know” liberals, she says. Conservatives know liberals as “savagely cruel bigots who hate America and lie for sport.” Incredibly, that is Coulter’s final phrase. It closes her strange, disturbed book. Thanks to Rush Limbaughtomy

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