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“Motherfuckers – The Liberal Plot to Sodomize Your Mom” by Ann Coulter
The irrepressible Ms. Coulter is back, and she’s swingin’ a hard right at the lefties! Find out how forces in the Democratic Party successfully rewrote history to make Richard Nixon’s retirement look like a resignation. Read how liberal institutions (like universities and the print media) have made it impossible for people to get their points across without being forced to use so-called “logic,” reason,” and “proof.” Also, some compelling evidence that the real liberal agenda involves performing unspeakable sexual acts on your mother. Read more new books at Fanatical Apathy

ANN COULTER ON AH NULD, usually so shy it's hard to get an entire 10,000 words out of her, on this California chop suey: "Schwarzenegger can't pronounce the name of the state but Gray Davis can - and so what?" And, "Gary Coleman will get more votes than Arianna Huffington." And, "I think we should give California back to New Mexico." And, "No matter how bad Schwarzenegger is, he can never be president because he wasn't born here, so there's no problem. He can't hurt us." And, "I've seen photos of Arnold naked. Trust me, it's true what they say about steroids. Matt Drudge has them. I think he'll release them just before the election."


Fox News has filed a lawsuit against Al Franken saying that Franken's book is an attempt to "blur and tarnish" the image of Fox News as a Fair and Balanced news source.
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