SPINSANITY has the most definitive article yet on TREASON

"With her new book Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism, syndicated pundit Ann Coulter has driven the national discourse to a new low. No longer content to merely smear liberals and the media with sweeping generalizations and fraudulent evidence, she has now upped the ante, accusing the entire Democratic Party as well as liberals and leftists nationwide of treason, a crime of disloyalty against the United States. But, as in her syndicated columns (many of which are adapted in the book) and her previous book Slander: Liberal Lies Against the American Right, Coulter's case relies in large part on irrational rhetoric and pervasive factual errors and deceptions. Regardless of your opinions about Democrats, liberals or the left, her work should not be taken at face value." This article is quite long and detailed but well worth the time.

ANN "Media Whore" COULTERgeist with two leading men.
What is the stain on that blue dress Ann?

"But, Ann, you're mean -- vicious, really -- which is why we do not believe that you in any way serve the public good. "Ann Coultergeist loves God's other son George Visit the Truth Laid Bear for details
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Taken out by the "Savagely Cruel Bigot " herself Ann Coulter
Ann is reduced to giving away her book for a magazine subscription
and reducing the price by 30% without.
Anything to top Hillery eh Ann? Thanks to Savage Cruel Bigot
Ann Coultergeist loves God's other son George