Annthrax Coulter Wet Doll
Wets her pants when she hears Sean Hannity,
Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage

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Listen To Her speak! Below are only a few of the 14 different phrases that the Ann Coulter Action figure says when you press her buttons. Sample Phrases:

1)"In the past twenty years, one-hundred percent of terrorist attacks against this country have been by Muslim extremists"
2)"There is a one-hundred percent chance that the next terrorist attack will be made by a Muslim extremist, it's no longer a profile, it's a description of the suspect."
3)"Timothy McVeigh, The Unibomber, and Eric Rudolph were muslim extremists"
4)"We should invade Muslim countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity"
5)"Joseph McCarthy was the greatest Senator in US History"
6)"Anybody who doesn't agree with me is a traitor"
7)"Paula Jones is poor white trailor trash"
8)"Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots."
9)"Liberals demand that the nation treat enemies like friends and friends like enemies."
10)“..no one is allowed to call liberals unpatriotic. Liberals relentlessly attack their own country, but we can’t call them traitors, which they manifestly are..�
11) "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building."
12)"The good part of being a Democrat is that you can commit crimes, sell out your base, bomb foreigners, and rape women, and the Democratic faithful will still think you're the greatest."

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Annthrax or Adam - you be the judge

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo has two pieces of lowered pie from the "prosperity is just around the far distant almost visible corner squatters" at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
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From an appearence in Johns Hopkins University Oct. 9 in an attempt to defend racial profiling:

"In the past twenty years, one-hundred percent of terrorist attacks against this country have been by Muslim extremists, Naturally, the democrats won't let us look for Muslim extremists. When there is a one-hundred percent chance that the next terrorist attack will be made by a Muslim extremist, it's no longer a profile, it's a description of the suspect."

Timothy McVeigh, The Unabomber, Eric Rudolph - Muslim extremists Ann? You are a stupid racists moron aren't you Ann.

The "Third Kind" wants to establish a self-regulating classless society on planet earth. I have had radio encounters with two Republican members of the "Third Kind," Ann Coulter (author of the best seller Slander) and David Horowitz (author of Empire and Revolution and How to Beat the Democrats and Other Subversive Ideas).

People such as Coulter and Horowitz do not want to talk about the very real existence of the "Third Kind" nor do they want you to know what is really taking place in this Republic and the world.

The "Third Kind" is actually the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC). The
Radical Capitalist Class is a group of people that are trying desperately to spread a very specific American/British Capitalism based on Fabian Socialism to encompass the globe.


Are Republicans Becoming the “Hypocrisy Party”
Exclusive commentary by Daniel Borchers Oct 16, 2003
Some conservatives have shed scruples and jettisoned principles to rush to Limbaugh’s defense. The wagons circling around one of our own only serve as targets for legitimate charges of hypocrisy and double-standards. Conservative credibility – already damaged by conservative support for liberal Arnold Schwarzenegger – can only further erode in the unscrupulous defense of admittedly illegal behavior by their premiere talk radio guru (“a great spokesman for conservatives” – Cal Thomas).

Moral and Legal Irrelevancies?

Author and columnist Steve Chapman is one of the few conservative voices critical of Arnold’s Republican candidacy, one of the few to hold conservatives accountable for unprincipled positions:
“At best, the evidence indicates that Schwarzenegger has a habit of sexual battery. This goes beyond the behavior that unleashed a scandal on Bill Clinton. So consider their double standard. When Clinton did with Monica, conservatives thought it was morally repugnant. They also thought it disqualified him from remaining in office. Yet they’re happy to have as governor of California someone who, by his own admission, has forced himself on unwilling women. Their new darling is a more aggressive sexual predator than the president they tried to remove from office. Morality? Law? They’ll leave it to liberals to fret about such irrelevancies. But if the charges persist and multiply, I predict conservatives will find a way to address Arnold’s behavior: They’ll blame it on Clinton.” – Steve Chapman, “Double Standards,” 10/9/03
Now this latest Limbaugh scandal – not connected with a faux Republican like Arnold but involving a genuine conservative and cultural icon – has conservatives scrambling for excuses, spinning the truth.

Before continuing, let’s talk turkey – cold turkey. Rush Limbaugh is addicted to narcotics and allegedly illegally obtained those narcotics for many years. Conservative radio talk show host Ken Hamblin and liberal television host Geraldo Rivera find agreement on this issue: Limbaugh is a “junkie.”

Some liberals do delight in Limbaugh’s moral failings while some conservatives refuse to even acknowledge the immorality of Limbaugh’s misconduct. Conservative skepticism of liberal criticism is natural, but in a very real sense it does not matter what the critics’ motives are – truth is truth. Rush Limbaugh has admitted long-term prescription drug abuse. Of greater concern than those who use morality for partisan convenience are those who “know better” but only pay lip service to their purported principles. When it matters, where do you stand?

Parsing Principle and the Law

Conservatives rightly ridiculed Bill Clinton’s infamous parsing of the English language, with his assertions that he “never inhaled” or that it depends on the meaning of “is.” Now conservatives emulate that Clintonian paradigm, shamelessly, without even paying homage to their own principles.

With Rush Limbaugh’s admission of prescription drug abuse, some conservatives unabashedly defend him. Rationalizations ran rampant tonight on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country (10/10/03), that discussion being emblematic of the debate within the larger conservative community. Guests included Court TV co-anchor Lisa Bloom, conservative author Ann Coulter, and conservative talk radio host Neal Boortz.

Those rationalizations for absolving Limbaugh of guilt included:
Rush Limbaugh is a brilliant commentator. “I listen to Rush Limbaugh not because, hey, it’s time for my daily dose of morality. I listen to Rush Limbaugh because of his brilliance and his, what I believe to be, just cutting-edge, insightful commentary on what’s going on in politics today.” (Boortz)

Rush Limbaugh is the beloved father of talk radio. “Look at what Rush Limbaugh has accomplished. We just take talk radio for granted now. … Rush Limbaugh pioneered something that was entirely new.” (Coulter)

Rush Limbaugh is a conservative. “I want to talk a little bit about Rush Limbaugh as an institution. … When I first got this job on MSNBC [when asked] what’s the epicenter of the American conservative movement? I said Rush Limbaugh … he’s the bedrock of American conservatism right now.” (Scarborough)

Rush Limbaugh was experiencing back pain. “acting like this guy was shooting up heroin or even, you know, smoking pot, smoking crack, drinking vodka for kicks, I mean, he had back pain the pain medication he was taking is incredibly addictive. … The pain medication he was taking is incredibly addictive. They spent $100 million a year fighting off addiction charges.” (Coulter)

Rush Limbaugh’s remarks about jailing drug offenders is ancient history. “Lisa Bloom, just to put it in proper perspective, what year did Rush Limbaugh make that comment? … When Rush Limbaugh made that statement, it was back in 1995, near the end of the crack epidemic that was ravaging American neighborhood.” (Scarborough)

No one is perfect like Jesus. “Conservatives aren’t claiming to be Jesus Christ. We do have flaws. … unless you are Jesus Christ and you have no flaws, then you can support punishing drug addicts while simultaneously having a flaw of being a drug addict.” (Coulter)

It was just prescription drugs. “There’s a big difference between prescription drug abuse like this and an addiction to heroin.” (Boortz)

Rush Limbaugh should be praised for doing so well while on drugs. “If this is what he’s like on painkillers, imagine when he’s off them. … Like I say, it is amazing that he can be as entertaining, as funny as he is, and all of this while addicted to painkillers. Whoa. Set him loose once he’s gone through detox.” (Coulter)
The host of Country, Joe Scarborough, soft-pedaled the narcotics abuse by repeatedly saying that he’s “addicted to prescription drugs.” Neal Boortz even attacked and maligned Lisa Bloom, claiming she delighted in Rush’s addiction (check the tape – no delight is evident) merely because she addressed the reality of drug laws and their applicability to Limbaugh.

Ann Coulter, notorious for her condemnation of liberal compassion and liberal support for rehabilitation programs, was indignant and apoplectic that anyone could see anything wrong with Rush’s behavior. Strikingly, Coulter has a history of stentorian opposition to the legalization of marijuana and its use for medicinal (pain-killing) purposes.

Coulter’s final, strongest defense of Limbaugh was “Look, if my mother committed murder, I wouldn’t want her to go to jail. … I don’t want murder laws applied to my friends.” By Coulter’s logic and using her criteria no one would ever go to jail for anything! (A novel budget balancing concept.)

Conservatism Abandoned by “Conservatives” What a spectacle!

Rule of law, law-and-order, tough-on-drugs conservatives now plead for leniency – no, for pardon – for one of their own. They want to absolve Rush Limbaugh of any responsibility for behavior he himself assumes full responsibility for. The criteria is now identity, not behavior.

In defending Limbaugh – for purely partisan purposes (they even admit their partisanship) – they besmirch and belie the nobility, dignity and courage which their putative hero, Rush Limbaugh, exhibits.These “conservatives” are no friends of Conservatism.
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