BUSH Economic BOOM - BANKRUPTCY at RECORD PACE - 98% Increase

The total number of bankruptcy filings, including both personal and business, has grown by 98 percent, to 1,661,996 in the 12-month period ending Sept. 30, from 837,797 during the same period ending Sept. 30, 1994.

Nov 14, 2:46 PM WASHINGTON - The record-setting pace of new personal bankruptcies continued in the 12 months ending Sept. 30, with their number rising 7.8 percent, according to data released Friday. Personal bankruptcies jumped to 1,625,813 from 1,508,578 during the same period a year earlier, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts data show. The upward trend had been expected to continue despite signs of recovery in the economy .


Pentagon Limits Funeral Coverage - Arlington to Keep Reporters Away

Friday, November 14, 2003 The Army tightened rules yesterday on press coverage of funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, directing that reporters be kept far enough away from the graveside that they would likely be unable to hear a chaplain's eulogy. Reporters will be restricted to a roped-in "bullpen" that is generally far enough away that words spoken at graveside cannot be heard, officials said.

The order to enforce the restriction came from Army officials at the Pentagon, Metzler said. He said the order came in response to a complaint, but he declined to provide details.

The change comes as the White House and the Pentagon are showing increased sensitivity to the portrayal of U.S. casualties from the war in Iraq. Officials have barred media coverage of the bodies of troops arriving at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, in that case also insisting that a long-ignored rule be enforced.
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9000 US Casulties in Iraq
Halliburton Employee admits to Illegal Warhead Sale
Rush Limbaugh back on the Air on Monday with Investigation still in progress
A History of Majority Leader Senator Frist
Rush Limbaughtomy has the 12 Step Program for Right Wing Radio Addicts
2 Tits Up Bush Brit Tabloid Growth Industry Here's shocking proof that US takes hostages and buys votes dying for Halliburton with the pilgrim Jihadist


The Gay Bashing Bush - Jeb

Jeb Bush jokes people of San Francisco may be endangered
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Jeb Bush joked during a Florida Cabinet meeting Wednesday that the people of San Francisco may be endangered and, "That's probably good news for the country." The subject was environmental land and Bush was looking at a map showing locations with a lot of different wildlife.

"It looks like the people of San Francisco are an endangered species, which may not be a bad thing. That's probably good news for the country." People in the room broke into laughter. "Did I just say that out loud?" the governor asked.

San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown wasn't too worried by the comment, according to spokesman P.J. Johnston."When he finally stopped laughing, he said, 'I'm sure this is a tongue-in-cheek comment. Johnston also said he didn't think residents of San Francisco would be much disturbed by what the governor said. "By and large San Franciscans have a good sense of humor and will not be dreadfully offended," Johnston said.

But the head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force didn't see anything funny in the governor's comment and believed it to be anti-gay because of San Francisco's large gay population. "It's extremely insulting," said Matt Foreman. "But of course I would say that gay people in Florida are far more endangered than gay people in California."
Oh. the Irony - Bush "welcoming" protests in Britain? He doesn't expect everybody in the world to agree with him except the US Senate on his reactionary Judges Next He'll nominate Judge NO Moore Accept Natalie's "birthday gift" to us "The Speech Bush Did Not Give" and wish Natalie "Happy Birthday" (a few hours late) while you are there.
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We Alway's Knew They'd Come Around and make Bush fear for his re-selection with More Lost Heart's and Minds Losing Faith with the Occupation.
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Memes Forgiveness Bush threatened by Brits Larry Flint Dead Bush Rape Victim Nazi Tendencies Lynchings there is much Mud for the Mudshark
GOP Sleepover at the Crybaby Party where Mr. Smartass and Mr. High horse were seen begging a Cup O Joe at the LoL Roundup


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Franken ponders a run for the Senate in his Native Minnesota at Speedkill
Is Gephart the tortoise gonna catch Dean the hare? BYTE BACK is excited.
Mad Kane has the humor round up and St. Reagan's song I am waiting for "Why Can't the American's Teach Their Leader How To Speak" and "All I Want is a War Somewhere", from the same musical.
The latest "Where will you be" picture is up at Hammerdown. There is a whole series of pained expressions.
Chinese food on the Moon - only from The Poison Kitchen
Origination of Denomination and Anti-American Asshats on Parade will Shock and Awe you.
It is Officially Unofficial - Celine Dion is destitute check your sitemeters
ACT now the Shrub is not welcome at this Coffee Break
Rick's response to the Truth Laid Bear has drawn 147 Responses _ some of them are worth the time _ As is Bush honoring the veternarians at Arlington National Cemetary
Bush tells the British what to do and Flint has Jessica in the nude
With us or Against Us Clear Skies and More Lies and they are Coming to take you away It is always a strong signal to noise ratio at SouthKnoxBubba



Woman Who Filed Sex Suit Against Bush Dead

Woman who filed sexual assault lawsuit against bush confirmed dead, cause of death listed as "gunshot wound to head"...

I finally got some confirmation from an obit in the Houston Chronicle that Margie Schoedinger, the woman who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Bush last year, died in September.

I called the Harris County Medical Examiner's office, which lists her cause of death as a "gunshot wound to the head" and "suicide." Anyone versed in CIA/Mafia lingo knows that "suicide" sometimes means "murder" or at least carries with it some pressure to commit suicide by outside parties, such as those against whom that person has filed a lawsuit. I'm not yet saying this is a murder - you draw your own conclusion.

Schoedinger in July sounded in good health. She was only 38. It's another weird tragedy surrounding the Bush administration - and this one has received NO mention from the media.

Paper: Houston Chronicle Date: Saturday 09/27/03
MARGIE D. SCHOEDINGER expired Monday, 9/22/03 . Visitation: Friday, 9/26/03 , 7 to 9pm, McCoy & Harrison Chapel. Funeral Service: Saturday, 9/27/03 , 1:30pm, McCoy & Harrison Chapel. Interment, Houston Memorial Gardens.

Click here for complete PDF document

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Haunting Bush from the Grave
The Rush Addiction Trifecta and Parsing Rush
School Boards & the Most Patronizing Deception Just a few of the offerings at The Huck Upchuck
Ask Me NO Questions, I'll Tell You NO Lies
A Squid Down in Texas' Pop Quiz
He's not "Changin Tactics"
These Cliff Notes are His
Get a Rope he'll help Bush with "good-byes"

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Shoshana Johnson is a Wonderful American
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Conservative columnist Ann Coulter goes on trial

After three weeks and more than 200 reader e-mail, snail mail and phone responses, it's time to find out what this Ann Coulter business is all about. It's time to decide whether the controversial conservative syndicated columnist will become a regular on our op-ed page. Starting Saturday, Nov. 22 and continuing for four weeks, Coulter's column will appear in the Erie Times-News for readers to judge for themselves. In other words, Ann Coulter is on trial.

Little else in recent memory — changing comics and relocating the crossword puzzle come to mind — has generated more reader interest in terms of volume and intensity. Most who wrote were vehemently opposed to Coulter, some letters emotional, several filled with vitriolic threats and colorful expressions I haven't heard since serving aboard the USS Gyatt 40 years ago. Yet the majority who chimed in — 128 favored Coulter; 80 were opposed.

"In my opinion, she should not be published," wrote Mark Vendel of Conneautville. She is a proven liar and a nut case. Take a look at Al Franken's latest book and see for yourself. Ann Coulter is one major example of what is wrong with America."

"It is such a tough choice for me when I balance Coulter driving liberals nuts versus her shortcomings as a writer," said Doug Smith of Erie.

"You can count on me to cancel my subscription to your paper (after 40 years) if you have Ann Coulter as a columnist," said Martin Fitzgerald of Erie. "She has been fired by many larger newspapers including the National Review (which is right wing) as being too fanatical to the right in her opinions. A newspaper that would hire Ann Coulter's opinions should be ashamed of themselves. I am sure the unions in Erie would be happy to hear about her union-busting attorney father and how his opinions formed the thinking of this demented woman."

"Although an avowed liberal, I presently read all your columnists, regardless of persuasion," said M. Claire Kennedy, SSJ. "However, I doubt that I will read Coulter. How about Gigot or Safire or anyone who gets their facts straight?

"I vote for Robert Novak, definitely," wrote P. Johnson of Fairview. "I have seen Ms. Coulter many times on TV, and I just can't stand her. She has a certain smugness and a semi-sneer on her face at all times. ... "

When Coulter's test period begins Nov. 22, you can comment to a special e-mail address: conservativecolumnist@timesnews.com. Remember, although this might be just a trial — read her or not — you're judge and jury!
Write to the Erie Times e-mail and make your opinion of Coulter known.

Great Quote: "If Barbie mated with Rush Limbaugh, the offspring would probably look like the new Ann Coulter doll"

There is no 18 Minute Gap in the blog of the same name. It is all good.
A nice chart on campaign contributions The can't dance puppets of the Iraqi Council - another miserable failure of the Bush Admin.
Webster's introduces McJob The latest plug for the Freeway Blogger and committing crime for Healthcare
Class War you bet says The Estimated Prophet and sobering news in We're Watching You