You gotta love Ugga Buggas deconstruction of Annthrax on Limbaugh complete with pie charts
see the sample below shamelessly appropriated from Ugga Bugga - then go there for the whole thing.

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The Thousand Yard Glare comments on the rise of the Citizen Blogger and mentions Open Source Politics

The Gunther Concept has the e-mail detail in bold audacity from Texas redistricting.

The NRO has fired the first shot in the 9/11 blame game and Tapped fires back citing Franken's Operation Ignore.

The Talking Dog takes a bite out of the People's Republic of China despite their manned space flight. Why doesn't the dog blogroll Rush Limbaughtomy Seb?

Suicides now account for 10% of the non-combatant deaths in IRAQ - via talk left

The Spoons Experience has come up with a defender of Rush Limbaugh. With supporters like Jimmie 'Dyn-O-Mite' Walker of Good Times who needs detractors. Of couse Rush will not be impressed since Jimmie is a member of the 12% minority "so who cares" said Rush.

Yikes - here is a grim view of Americans from Surfing the Tsunami
Double Yikes or Yikes Yikes - Get on the list to receive Rapture notification e-mails so you will know when your disappeared friends have been raptured into heaven. Just one question? Would it not be heaven on earth if everyone who believe in the rapture (Robertson, Falwell, Bakker, Swaggert, Reed & the pseudo-Christian coalition) suddenly disappeared? from the Stout Dem Blog.
Spilled Ink and more bad news on Diebold here.
A Speedkill of Bill O'Reilly is available here


Brainless Blond Bimbo Blasts Big Limbo Mumbo Jumbo Detractors
Annthrax predictably blames Clinton and Ted Kennedy for double standard.
After years of the mainstream media assuring us that Rush was a has-been, a nobody, yesterday's news -- the Rush painkiller story was front-page news last week. The airwaves and print media were on red alert with Rush's admission that, after an unsuccessful spinal operation a few years ago, he became addicted to powerful prescription painkillers.
The nasty gash starts with a lie "mainstream media assuring us that Rush was a has-been, a nobody, yesterday's news " revealed by the fact that Limbo was on ESPN and had a 285million dollar radio contract, and the fascist slut dissembles from there into a nearly incoherent rant about Kennedy and Clinton including the lame excuse that Mumbo Jumbo required drug for his golfing pain. Recommended reading after 10 Oxycontins and a bottle of grain alcohol.

Ann Coulter, notorious for her condemnation of liberal compassion and liberal support for rehabilitation programs, was indignant and apoplectic that anyone could see anything wrong with Rush’s behavior. Strikingly, Coulter has a history of stentorian opposition to the legalization of marijuana and its use for medicinal (pain-killing) purposes.

Coulter’s final, strongest defense of Limbaugh was “Look, if my mother committed murder, I wouldn’t want her to go to jail. … I don’t want murder laws applied to my friends.” By Coulter’s logic and using her criteria no one would ever go to jail for anything! (A novel budget balancing concept.)

Conservatism Abandoned by “Conservatives” What a spectacle!

Rule of law, law-and-order, tough-on-drugs conservatives now plead for leniency – no, for pardon – for one of their own. They want to absolve Rush Limbaugh of any responsibility for behavior he himself assumes full responsibility for. The criteria is now identity, not behavior.

In defending Limbaugh – for purely partisan purposes (they even admit their partisanship) – they besmirch and belie the nobility, dignity and courage which their putative hero, Rush Limbaugh, exhibits.

These “conservatives” are no friends of Conservatism.

In a recent interview with Al Franken conducted by Edward Nawotka for Publisher's Weekly, after suggesting that some readers might want Franken to run for president, the interviewer proceeded to ask Franken hardball questions such as:

— "It's got to be a little grating to see your book on the same New York Times best-seller list as the Ann Coulter book."

— "You fact-checked Ann Coulter's book and found a lot of inconsistencies, outright lies and quotes that are taken out of context. Who is responsible for those kinds of errors, the author or the editors?"

— "How should booksellers deal with this?"

In a later interview with me, the same interviewer asked me questions like these:

— "(W)ho is ultimately responsible for the errors (in your book), you, the publisher, or both?"

— "What gives — was this an honest mistake or malfeasance as he suggests?"

— "Why all the name calling?"

Apparently it never occurred to Publisher's Weekly that Franken's allegations of errors in my book — or "outright lies," as the interviewer put it — were false. ANNTHRAX goes on with a laughable explanation. Read it here if you have the patience for it

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Plucky Punk's Happy Land thinks Californians my be fleeing to Santa Fe to escape the Terminator
Meanwhile Nurse Ratched's Happy Valley Asylum Notebook has patients from California lining up for immigration status to Canada

Kenneth Quinnell of T Rex has Right Wing Zombies classified (Like the Rush Limbaughmicus) at Open Source Politics
The Blowtorch Monkey Armada's Palmer Hass has his first post up at Open Source Politics
Guy Andrew Hall of Rook's Rant also has a post up at OSP.

Stephen at To the Barr icades turns 50: I am fashionably late in wishing him a happy 'it's not ALL downhill from here' day. We welcome Chris Grubner of American Dissent to OSP and agree that Republicans are out of their Gorditas
Natalie Davis at All Facts and Opinions is right _ we should be outraged until they Free Tommy Chong
I wonder if the Limbo Mumbo Jumbo druggie has looked into getting one of these yet _ read about the whizzinator at The People's Republic of Seabrook
Nurse Ratched over at the Happy Valley Asylum is gonna wash the foul mouthed administrations mouth out with soap. Meanwhile The Mad Prophet Blog's C. Bryan Lavinge explains his long absence. Does Ahnuld need practice? asks the Modulator Will computer woes stifle The Funny Farm? stay tuned for clues.
Speedkill has moved to a very nice new address. Update and blogroll progressive bloggers. The Cosmic Iguana of manis2society has another CIA outing for us to consider: Think Valerie Plame times two.

The father of slain CIA officer Johnny "Mike" Spann said Thursday he believes an independent counsel should investigate allegations that someone in the Bush administration exposed a CIA officer's identity -- an act he called treasonous.

Spann, the first American killed in Afghanistan, died in a prison uprising. His father, also named Johnny Spann, said he is still angry because he feels his son's identity and hometown were disclosed before his son's family could be adequately protected. see the links at the Cosmic Iguana
The top 10 things on Rush Limbaugh's to do list are up at Rush Limbaughtomy


A SERMON FOR THE SUNDAY AFTER THE FALL OF RUSH LIMBAUGH is the Sunday offering at Rush Limbaughtomy

Max over at MaxSpeak You Listen posts on traffic stats. The differences in the various sitemeters, webalizers, blogpatrol, eXTREME trackers, One Stats, Blogstreet, BlogMatrix etc. has fascinated me since starting this blog in May. Max has been very successful in term of the rank of MaxSpeak you listen. 36.MaxSpeak (485) details is the current position on the TTLB Ecosystem. The relationship between these various logging and metering systems is strange to say the least. At least this post will increase MaxSpeak's links on the Ecosystem and the more liberal progressive bloggers who ascend those rankings the better for our collective impact on the internet.

Blue Streak posts about group blogs The tip is from Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

South KnoxBubba has a lively comments section on the Drug Rush

Kevin Hayden returns to blogging at The Reach Em High Cowboy Noose Network with this entry about electoral politics and his decision to leave the group blog that he started and made so successful.

Earl at Prometheus 6 covers a frightening incident that happened to a friend. This is a story you need to read. And P6 is a Titans Fan

The Hampster covers the new Newsweek Poll with some good news for Democrats

Susie Madrak of the Suburban Guerrilla watched Joe Klein take down Peggy Noonan. Go there for the blow by blow - links to the Daily Howler

The Democratic Veteran tells us that Guvnor Enrongroper has already started with the Enron Agenda
I dove into Ann's writing, which was a cross between bizarre accusations about liberal politicians and psycho babble hyperbolic lies that make no sense. The conservative men love her, because she is a loyal slave to the status quo. She is Cunta Kinte. As well as betraying her gender, as a notoriously anti-feminist woman hater, she is also racist, homophobic, without compassion, inhumane, arrogant, dishonest, contradictory, not funny, has an arguing technique that compares closely to "I know you are, but what am I?", wears red leather miniskirts and is just plain fucking wrong. I cannot even quote her because everything she says is too awful for me to write. All this and she isn't even hot. If you are going to be wrong, at least be hot.
via the fabulous Suburban Guerrilla Susie Madrak where you will find more of Margaret Cho ripping Ann Coulter.

Len over at Musings of a Philosophical Scrivner has an interesting interview with Molly Ivins about the "de eadukashun" pReznit when he was in Texas
TBogg reminded us that: "In 1994 Rush married Marta Fitzgerald, a woman he met online (which explains so much). Again, we don't hear the pitter pat of little Limbaugh cloven hooves. " This by way of Lilith at A Rational Animal
Blah blah blah 3 quotes Munford on Limbaugh ""The part about the pus being blue is patently false," the noted hunka hunka burnin' homophobia did not say. Catch the whole thing at Blah 3
Busted: vile, hypocritical gasbag and deluded dittomonkeys is the subject of WTF is it Now from the magnificent Maru the Crankpot today. Read it now.

The Ma hablog makes Condi into a block of sushi Rice in two posts today. Read them with 2 week old hamachi for an accurate taste of the pReznit's new, newer, newest PR campaign for his personal little vendetta against Saddam (is he caught yet after 7 months) Hussein.
You gotta love the H. L Mencken quote on Musings of a Philosophical Scrivner today:
The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naive and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.
--H.L. Mencken
Although I disagree with his characterization of my friend Al (and I do call him Al) Gore; the Septic Tank may be on to something with his open letter to Al Gore

Hurricane Juan is the subject of Patrick Taylor at the Poison Kitchen in Halifax Nova Scotia. It is amazing how little we were aware of the true extent of the damage. N. Todd covers the latest Gallup Poll on Dohiyi Mir T Rex (Kenneth Quinnell) is a Margaret Cho fan and so is Howard Dean Major Barbara of Arms and the Man considers the difference in Russian and American corruption. Jeremy Puma of Fantastic Planet reports on two fantastic sightings Apathy Incorporated's Joe F is concerned about Bush's spectacular fiscal incompetence